The Life of Joseph - Bible Lessons

The life of the Old Testament Saints are given to us as examples, for the good and the bad.

joseph bible lessons

Here are a few lessons to be learnt from the life of Joseph.

1. Lessons from Joseph in the Bible: Trials are Good

Soon after dreaming the dream of being in a noble position, Joseph started facing troubles. He escaped from being killed by his own brothers and was sold to an Egyptian. Jsoeph had to face injustice caused by his owns brothers, then by Pharoh's wife and then by the buttler. Yet, we don't see Joseph murmurring with bitterness or complaining God. He simply trusted God and remained faithful to Him wherever He went.

Trials should not make us doubt God. God knows what He is doing, as He sees the end from the very beginning. He is truly trustworthy.

2. Lessons from Joseph in the Bible: Serve God Where You Are

Joseph worked in Pharoh's house in Egypt, yet He was really serving God. We should also serve God in the workplace. We should work to please God and not man. We should work for God's glory and not just for promotion, name, fame or comfort. Even in prison, Joseph served God and that was evident in His conduct.

Joseph was content and thankful to God in whatever situation he was in. When He was in Pharo's house, he did not complain and murmer about being sold 

3. Lessons from Joseph in the Bible:Waiting for God's Timing is good

Joseph had to wait many years in Prison, before His dream came to reality. God often make us wait, while He works on our character, skills, abilities and prepares things for us, for our good and His glory. Patience is something that most of us lack. We live in a world where everything is fast paced. We expect God to work in the same way we do. However, God's ways are high above ours. His timings are always perfect and better than ours. Joseph had the fruit of patience and longsuffering.

4. Lessons from Joseph in the Bible: Forgiveness 

When Joseph saw his brothers who tried to murder him, he did not try to punish them. He was filled with God's Agape love. Joseph had all the power to punish his brothers and send them without the food that they needed. Instead of sending them without food, Joseph left their money in their bags, along with the food.

5. Lessons from Joseph in the Bible: All things work for the Good

To all true Children of God, He makes all things(including persecution and physical death) to work for our Eternal Good. Joseph received the reward for his good works here on earth. His brothers who wronged him were made to bow before him. The rewards for our good works may not be here on earth, but in Heaven we will be rewarded for every good work we do.

I pray that the Bible Lessons on the Life of Joseph would equip you to live for God's glory in all circumstances.

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