prosperity gospel definition

Prosperity Gospel Definition and Biblical Guidelines

The Prosperity Gospel is very popular among most Television Preachers and famous Charismatic Organizations.

Prosperity Gospel Definition:

According to the proponents of the prosperity gospel, God wants every single Christian to be financially sound, escape earthly suffering, and enjoy the so-called best life in this present world. They go on to say that those who are Christian and poor are those who lack enough Faith.

They also add that Prosperity, Physical Healing and Comfort can be "named" and "claimed". They proclaim that we can twist God's hand by doing certain faith talk and use a formula to receive God's blessings such as money and health for this life.

They even proclaim that we are all small "gods". They proclaim that as little gods our words have the power to make things happen. They proclaim that God's sole purpose for man is to make him happy and prosperous in this life.

Is prosperity gospel biblical? What are the Errors in it?

Prosperity Gospel rejects Suffering

Suffering is part of Christian Life. Jesus never promised a problem-free life in this World. We are asked to hopefully wait for His Return. Only on the Glorious Day on which we will meet our Savior face to face, all our tears and sorrows will be wiped off.

Prosperity Gospel promises Return of Money in this life

People heap money in the pockets of the Prosperity preachers with the hope of getting more return for their investment. Is this the right motivation behind giving? Will this sort of attitude please God? Obviously No. God sees the Attitude and Motivation behind the act and not just the act alone.

We cannot always expect God to reward our good deeds with material blessings in this life. Only in Heaven, we can be sure to be rewarded for all our faithful work for God. 

Prosperity Gospel preachers are super-wealthy

Greed is the motivation behind using God's name for money. Almost all the prosperity preachers have too much wealth. Most of this wealth is acquired from the "Ministry" that they are doing. When questioned about their luxurious lifestyle and the wealth that they have accumulated, they justify their extravagant lifestyle by claiming that God has blessed them with wealth because of their faithful service.

These preachers get rich because millions of poor and middle-class people donate money to their ministries with the hope of receiving more money in return. Some prosperity gospel proponents claim that donors would receive a 100 per cent return if they donate to their ministries. 

Prosperity Gospel preachers boast on false-fruits

The justification that the prosperity gospel preachers provide when questioned about their faulty theology is that a lot of people get to know Jesus through their ministries and their money. However, money, silver, gold and every wealth of the world belongs to God. He does not expect us to save people by telling lies and making a false promise that they would get a better earthly life by accepting Jesus.

No soul can ever be saved by the wisdom of man's speech, but only by the Power of God. False teachings such as the prosperity gospel cannot be taken lightly. We must expose them, reject them and stick to the teachings of Christ and let the Holy Spirit guide us. These false-gospel proponents cannot boast about the number of people attending their Church because most of those attendees are not true believers. Only God can save a person; People are just instruments. 

Those who run to prosperity preachers are often seekers of money and comfortable life, not Jesus. Therefore, the fruits that these false teachers boast about are not always real fruits.

Is prosperity gospel biblical? No, neither Jesus nor the Apostles preached any Gospel other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which promises Eternal Life after physical death and the presence of God in this life.

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