28 Creative Ways to Share the Gospel

creative ways to share the gospel

Before we ponder on different ideas and ways to reach the unreached with the Glorious Gospel of Christ, we should first remember that Saving a Soul is NOT through our human wisdom and our skill of using the right words, but by the POWER OF GOD.

How to share the gospel with someone who doesn't want to listen? Salvation rests with the Lord, our job is to share the Gospel and Pray for the Lost Souls. We preach the Gospel, not only by merely speaking about Jesus (though this is the most effective way and is essential) but also by our very lives, everyday actions and choices we make.

Practical and creative ways to share the Gospel:

1. Start the conversation by asking some interesting questions. Just Preach the Gospel in Plain Words whenever God leads you.

2. Let people you meet in your everyday life know about your faith and then show Jesus through your set apart character and actions at work, home, car etc.

3. Help the Poor and Needy. Give God the Credit and share His Story and Yours.

4. Spend your Money for Evangelism and Missionary Work

5. Tracts and Posters

6. Distribute Free Bibles along with a Gospel Note

7. Christian Songs and Audios

8. Sponsor a Child, and share the gospel and God's love with the sponsered child.

9. Visit Orphans and tell them about your Heavenly Father

10. Pray for others

11. Use social media

12. Blogs and Websites

13. Forum Posting

14. Providing Counselling using Biblical principles

15. Share sermons from good preachers to others

16. Tell about your answered prayers to your friends

17. Leave a gospel note along with tips in hotels and restaurants

18. Giveaway some good Bible-based books for free to someone

19. Take your friends to a good Christian movie

20. Show some acts of kindness to people in need and give God the credit

21. Be a diligent and gentle worker in your workplace. Help people in your workplace and let them know that the reason behind it is Jesus.

22. Give Bible-based storybooks to Children

23. Have a Bible Verse quoted in your car, home and other vehicles you use

24. Invite people for a nice meal and share the gospel with them

25. Remain obedient to God under all circumstances and let people know the reason

26. Remain joyful even during hard times and let people think about the reason for your hope

27. Be generous with your money, using it to help others in the name of Jesus

28. Start a blog or website like this or promote an existing website to reach the unsaved and teach the Saved on Godliness.

There are hundreds of creative ways to share the Gospel with the lost world. Use them and do not delay, as the harvest is plenty.

Why share the gospel if God has already chosen who will be saved? Well, God works through man and is glorified when we preach the Gospel. We also heap treasures in Heaven by preaching the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Joy of being part of rescuing a soul from Hell is the privilege of Christians.

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