The Purpose of Suffering - Why does God allow pain in our lives?


No Christian in this world is immune to pain and suffering. Suffering and pain are common to all people in the world. God did not promise a life devoid of suffering for Christians, in this world.

As long as we are alive in this world, we have to face the trials that God allows in our lives. But, we dont have to face them alone. So, what is the purpose of Sufferring as a Christian? Why does God allow pain and suffering in our lives?

Here are a few reasons God allows suffering.

1. The Purpose of Suffering: Shaping your Character

Many times, God allows suffering in our lives to shape our character and make us more like Him.

We are made free by the Grace of God. All things are permissible, but all things are not profitable.

Throughout our earthly life, our goal should be to become more of Christ and less of the world. Suffering makes you strong to face the life battles.

2. The Purpose of Suffering: Keeping you Focused on Heaven

Another purpose of suffering is to keep you focused on God and heavenly matters. God often drifts our attention from the carnal world to the heavenly matters that last for eternity, through our temporal sufferings and painful circumstances in this life.

It is good to remind ourselves that this is not our permanent home.

3. The Purpose of Suffering: Your help to Others

Someone who has gone through suffering and pain in an area of life should help and encourage fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, who are going through similar struggles. Since you have sailed in the same boat, you will be able to understand and help them better.

4. Suffering keeps you away from Sin Patterns and Addictions

If you have developed a pattern of sin or an addiction, God will often use your suffering for 

5. The Purpose of Suffering: Drawing Near to God

We often find ourselves closer to God during the times of suffering than in times of refreshment. The Bible says that God is near to the brokenhearted. Often times, we tend to forget God when life is going well. It is during the troubled times that we seek God with all our heart, mind and soul.

Choose to stay close to God thrugh prayer and meditation of God's Word. If you are going to only seek God during the times of suffering, expect more troubles in life. God is jealous for His children.

God loves His children so much, that He is more interested in the well being of our souls than our earthly happiness.

6. The Purpose of Suffering: Fruits of the Spirit

We are called to bear fruits worthy of our extremely high calling.  Suffering produces fruits such as longsuffering, endurance, goodness and gentleness. 

7. The Purpose of Suffering: The World sees Your Hope

Christians need not and should not murmer like the unbelievers when we suffer for various reasons.

No matter our circumstances, we still have hope. Even on death bed, we have a hope and a future.

When we live like believing that God will make all things work for our eternal good, the world probably notices it.

This Post: The Purpose of Suffering

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