Coping with Loss as a Christian

This is not your Home:

Every human being on earth will have to face losses and difficult situations in their lives. There is no escape.

But there is a huge difference between an unsaved person going through a season of loss and a child of God facing the similar heartache. The unsaved people have to deal with the loss and pain alone. Though they may have loved ones to share and care, they don't have the comfort that we have. They do not have the Holy Spirit and they do not have the greatest hope(salvation) we have.

When we go through any kind of loss, we must remind ourselves that temporal things will be left behind in the world anyway and we know that we are heading to a place where there won't be any pain and suffering. 

Genuine conversations with God:

The children of God have this great privilege of interacting with the maker of the universe. The Bible encourages us to talk to Him about everything. Jesus loves to talk to us through His Word and hear us talk(prayer). 

Isn't there relief in pouring out your heart genuinely before God like the Psalmist?

When you feel sad, talk to God before talking to people. Don't turn on the TV, instead open your Bible and read. 

Prayer makes us more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, comforts us and strengthens us. God hears everything you tell Him. He is perfectly in control of everything and He is your loving heavenly father who wants the best for you.

Keep Moving:

The devil knows that a person who has suffered a huge loss is prone to keep on worrying and wasting time for a very long period of time. While there is a time to mourn, it shouldn't be too long to keep you from what God wants you to do.

The death of a loved one is a genuine reason to mourn. But, the people of Israel had a specific time period for that. You cannot stay in the same state for a long time, because your time is short. 

Never sit idle. An idle brain is the devil's workshop.

Keep moving and God will guide you to your next steps, as you walk with Him.