The power of replacing "Why me Lord?" with "What next Lord?"

Your adversary the devil is aware of all your weaknesses. He knows what will make you sad and feel that God is not a good father. He knows what can keep you from pursuing your God-given purpose. He knows what can make you inactive and ineffective for God's kingdom.

Every time we face great difficulties in life, we ask or are at least tempted to ask God "Why?". When we keep thinking about "Why", the devil brings thoughts like "You are the only one who is facing this", "God doesn't love you like others", "this is not fair, you deserve better", "You are not good enough, and so God is punishing you all the time", "God is not fair with you" etc.

Slowly, the devil will make your prayer time filled with a focus on the "why" and make your bitterness grow. You will then find yourself spending most of your time speaking lies to yourself instead of praying. That is exactly where your enemy the devil wants you to be.

If you instead leave the situation and problems into God's mighty hands and focus on the next right thing that God wants you to do, you will most likely see the devil kicked off from your circumstances. If you desire to please God and store up treasures in heaven, you must keep your focus on God and His will for your life.

This Post: Replacing "Why me Lord?" with "What next Lord?"

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