Experience true freedom in Christ

The society defines freedom as "doing what you love", "following your heart and feelings", "freedom from discipline and correction" etc.

But for a Christian, freedom comes through faith, trust and surrender.

The first step to freedom is receiving Christ as your Saviour. We are not under the law anymore, but under grace. But, this alone doesn't immediately free us from all the bondage and baggage we had been carrying for years. 

The second step is to trust God. We must trust that God is good and is in control. We must trust that He has our best interests in mind and that He will make everything work for our good. 

The third step is to surrender. We all have our own desires and plans, which we don't want others to interfere or interrupt. However, what we feel is the best for us can often be the worst. Our God sees the beginning from the end and He knows far better than us. It is better to surrender our life, our plans and dreams to Him, than to trust our own plans and fail. Surrendering your life to God will free you from unnecessary fear, worry and care that God does not want us to have.