Modern Day Idols

What does idolatry mean in the bible?

modern day idols

For the Children of God, God must always be the first priority. Giving excessive priority and attention even to good things such as ministry can become an idol worship. The people of Israel kept on grieving God by seeking to worship and give the glory of God to the idols. Today, Christians who are redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ will not worship any physical idol, because of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God. However, we may still stumble before certain idols, which are not easily recognized as idols.

Common Modern Day Idols:

God alone deserves to sit in the throne of your life. Be cautious and avoid the common modern day idols that the devil would want you to worship. When we read the Old Testament, we see that the children of Isreal were so foolish to fall into idol worship again and again, forgetting the God who delivered them out of slavery in Egypt. When we read it we wonder how can these people turn back to such idols after seeing such miracles and God's mighty deliverance. These people did not have the Holy Spirit indwelling in them, as we have today. It is easy to look at them and think that they are worse, while forgeting that we also tend to have idols in our life, that would indeed displease God. 

1. Modern Day Idols: Money and Wealth

The most common idol that we see today, even among Christians who are Born Again by the Spirit of God is money. The money that we have is not our own. Every part of our being and every thing that we have is from God. We must handle money with the understanding that all your money belongs to God. God is the provider of all good things we enjoy. Therefore, when He chooses to get back what He has given us, we must not get bitter or worry to much.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself.

Do you love money or just use and manage money as a God-given gift?

Are you willing to give it all away, if God wants you to?

Are you sacrificing your personal quiet time with God, for the love of money?

Are you goals centerd around Christ or money?

2. Modern Day Idols: Name, Fame and Popularity

The world want approval from people. They want name, fame, popularity and self-glory. The children of God are not called to live for such small things. We are called to live for the glory of God. We are not here to make our name popular, but to make God's name known, praised and glorified.

3. Modern Day Idols: Human Relationships

Human relationships are good. Relationships are indeed a blessing from God. However, anything that goes above God in our priority list becomes an idol. We must be careful not to love anybody more than God, because God alone deserves to be in the first place always.

4. Modern Day Idols: Entertainment or Sports

How many hours do you spend in watching sports and netflix shows? While there is nothing wrong in watching sports, if you spend too much time on entertainment, you are actually mis-using your resources. As Apostle Paul said, everything is permissible but not profitable.

Do you think you spend enough time in prayer and reading God's Word?

Do you memorize and meditate on scriptures everyday?

Do you spend quality time with the family God has given you?

Do you see a better way to spend your time in a God honouring way?

Are you obsessed with sports or a sports star?

5. Modern Day Idols: Work

Work is God's idea. God made work and He asked man to work. However, if you start finding your identity in your job or look at it as your ultimate source of provision and security, you will make an idol out of it. It is God who gave you your job or business. He is your provider. He is the source of all provision. Even if you lose your job or business, God will meet your needs. Do not compromise your Christian values in your workplace, for the fear of losing your job or business.

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